We would like to extend our greetings and introduce IDM, a company that has globally changed the replication industry. Because of continuing success and recent developments of innovative and technological advancements, IDM can now better provide and service clientele of all stature. Situated on a 10 acre lot with a manufacturing facility of 84,000 sq/ft, in which 43,000 sq/ft of it is production and warehouse, combined with an elite team of qualified engineers and diverse management personnel, IDM is confident in ensuring full customer satisfaction and efficient customer care, which will be handled with utmost professionalism.

Industry professionals who were looking for a better way to process their own replication / duplication orders founded IDM (International Disc Manufacturer) in 1997. IDM is an affiliated company of Westminster Press Inc., a printing company who is currently celebrating their 30th anniversary in operation. Our company has grown and expanded to offer a unique blend of technological expertise and highly personalized attention.

When clients bring projects to IDM, every possible measure of quality control will be undertaken and the best equipment available will be utilized. Our manufacturing expertise encompasses: CD, CD-ROM, VCD, DVD-RAM, DVD-ROM, HD DVD Replication, and Blu-Ray.

The range of IDM's involvement in the entertainment industry spans such areas as music videos, featured films, short documentaries, international karaoke videos, and media software. We can accommodate orders as low as 500 units. Moreover, IDM is equally equipped to work with non-industry clientele, whether replicating corporate presentations or simple home videos. And yes, walk-ins are always accepted without question: no appointments necessary!

Our company is known and respected for being skilled in working with clients, as it is working with multi-million dollar accounts and state-of-the-art equipment. The result: an ability to meet a client's immediate needs and preferences with product of the utmost quality.